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What is MICELIUM? Why MICELIUM for my business?

Welcome to MICELIUM COWORKING SPACE, a high-performance work center prepared exclusively for professional business and the entrepreneurial movement. We want to represent in MICELIUM, a center of work in synchrony, united by the word "micelium".

This work center offers independent offices with a capacity of 2 confidants (clients) as a personal reception to be able to establish direct communication with the client, in addition to different services such as; videoconferencing room, small cafeteria, MICELIUM advertising service, tax address, 1000 mb high-speed internet accompanied by a personal cloud of up to 1000gb with remote access to all the information, all this together with a small masterclass to learn how to use this advantage and many more that will make you reduce time and improve your professional environment.




MICELIUM comes from the term mycelium, coming from the micellar network provided by fungi, which interconnects each point of the micellar living being to transmit that information or necessary nutrients.

At MICELIUM COWORKING SPACE we want to highlight the importance of the united micellar network, that is why our center opens the availability to the interconnection of works on professional businesses of the center, that is, it intercommunicates each one of the small businesses in each one of the offices to give the possibility of generating communication and professional work reducing time and cost, all this is accompanied by small internal services by MICELIUM where it encourages users to undertake all their services and businesses digitally, helping as well as techniques, training, courses and agencies with direct connection to the digital transformation of business and marketing by ADRIÁN ALCALÁ / Web developer and community manager, thus making this center more interesting.


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Our service is not far behind, we have developed this platform with the client in mind and we want to give them this advantage, that is why we promote each one of them on our online platform, since our main importance is the client.

With this we give a digital initial advantage so that you can launch your company once you start with us.

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Advantages in MICELIUM

Savings in fixed expenses (electricity, water, internet, etc.)

High speed internet 1000 mb

Meeting and video conference room

Fixed, virtual or variable workspace

Printing service (Scanner, photocopier...)

1000 gb standalone personal cloud

Job interconnection

Save of time and money

Improvement in business management technology


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