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The shared rooms are at the core of our community. These areas are versatile, they are designed to provide an environment conducive to the work, collaboration and concentration.

Maximum speed 1gb

Maximum speed Internet of 1000mb so you do not stop working! and if you add a cloud of 1000mb even better.

Accessible facilities

Private office, Shared living room, Photography and video studio, coffe, microwave and water service.


Coffee and water service, private office, high speed Internet and file printing.

Coworker Union

Why not a little bit of you? Advertise your business in our center and social media and connect with other coworkers.


Frequently Asked Questions

No permanence and no minimum, only hires and enjoy your time work.

Where we are

Areas of interest

Parquing of Torrequemada

Found a free parking less than 100 m, along with the court of Denia.

Banks and Efforts

Find banking and management Services to less than 100 m.

Bars and Restaurants

Breakfast, eat, or dinner always close to less than 50 m.

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MICELIUM COWORKING SPACE it is a center of high performance work in Dénia prepared exclusively for the business professional and the movement entrepreneur.

Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 21:00h
Saturday:09: 00 to 18:00

Monday to Friday from 08:00h to 19:00h
Saturday from 09:00h to 18:00h

Find us at

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